Thursday, January 26, 2012

MS150 Training Has Started!!

This past Saturday was one of the pre-season beginner rides for the MS150. Why would I attend a beginner ride when I am an MS150 veteran? Glad you asked...

JASON IS RIDING IN THE MS150 WITH ME THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just a little excited (if you couldn't tell). Jason has been toying with the idea of riding since last April when I did the ride. He was afraid it would be similar to running, which opposite of me, Jason finds boring.  He was reassured by many that cycling was a completely different ballgame and nothing like running.

I was very firm in not begging Jason to ride with me. Let's be honest - if he was forced to be there, he'd be miserable, then I would be miserable, and I selfishly don't want to be miserable. So instead, I planted the seed by telling him he should consider it and he surprised me on Dec 30 and told me he had signed up.

Oh so back to the beginner ride this past weekend. I attended as a "mentor" rider along with another friend of ours. We helped coached Jason and others on terminology, proper cycling etiquette, etc. Please don't ask Jason how the ride went though. Unfortunately it was an incredibly windy day... and Jason (and I) have been MIA as spin for awhile... it was a hard ride, even for me. (And spin this morning reminded by behind why I shouldn't miss more than two weeks in a row...)

I am so excited to ride with Jason and fundraise this year!! My goal for the MS150 this year is to make Club 300 again (top 300 fundraisers in the entire ride). I was blessed to reach this achievement last year and will proudly ride as #295 this year.

I sent out my first fundraising letter and am already surprised and touched by the generosity of those around me. I'm already over $1000!! If you would like to join my team and support me in the ride you can read my letter below and click here to donate.

Here's to an exciting season riding with my hubby!! :-)

Jan Fundraising Letter

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