Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a trendsetter - in anything. Clothing, decorating, etc. However, I do have a passion for organization...

Last fall I saw a blog post from my Pi Phi sister Chelsea about her Erin Condren planner (read her post here). I fell in love with the planner, but was a little shell-shocked at its price tag - $50. This is where I will refute the comment that I am cheap. I am just fiscally conservative...

Then I got a Christmas gift early. One day in late October I saw a Plum District deal for $50 of merchandise for $25. On top of that I had a $10 off coupon for Plum District that I received as a Catalina from Kroger. (Don't know what a Catalina is? Read about them here and check out my blog post on couponing here.)

Score! I could now justify the sweet planner with its total price tag (including shipping) to be ~$23!

Here comes the trendsetter part... I showed my friend Nikki the planner on Erin Condren's website (click here) when I was trying to decide which one to purchase. In turn, Nikki, who is a trendsetter, purchased them as Christmas gifts for some of our mutual friends! My friend Brittney also ordered herself one and said her mom was going to order one too!

I am patting myself on the back since I know I will never have another moment like this - a moment where I, Darcy Stingerie, actually help start a trend in my circle of friends. Figures it would be with something organizationally-focused. :-)

And here's a snapshot of my own planner! (Sorry about the poor quality... iPhone 3. I'll update it with a better one later!)

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