Thursday, January 26, 2012

Garden Happenings

This past weekend Jason and I tackled planting our blackberries and fig tree (we won't plant the citrus tree until all chance of freezing temperatures has passed). We had started to do this the previous weekend when we purchased them, but quickly realized we needed to raise the beds to avoid flooding with heavy rain. This was a good move since today we got torrential downpour (along with tornado warnings) that caused flooding across Houston. But not in our blackberries!! Hehe.

Here are the blackberry bushes twigs (10 in total) -

Jason checked outside tonight and said we already have tiny green buds!! Yea!

We also got the fig tree planted - 

We also pulled the dead plants from the garden as a result of the frost that hit last December. :-( We didn't lose everything thankfully - just the beans, tomatoes, popcorn, basil, and cucumbers. Surprisingly one bean plant survived - the one that never sprouted this summer! Jason and I enjoyed three sugar snap peas this weekend while we worked!

We pulled the carrots that looked ready or starting to wilt and enjoyed tasting our first carrots!!

And we planted garlic! We are garlic-obsessed and cannot wait until these cloves turn into heads of garlic that we can harvest!!

I noticed this in the garage when I got home... guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend - more gardening!

I've created a tab at the top of the blog for all of our garden posts and added them in case you want to see the progression from landscaping to livelihood. (Or you can click here.)

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