Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Less Than a Week Away!

Next Sunday is the Houston Marathon! I cannot believe it's already here. Last July, when we started training, seems like forever ago and just like yesterday at the same time.

This year has been a particularly hard year to train. I think there was some allure in training for my first marathon that I didn't have this go-round. Instead I had a harder work schedule, harder travel schedule, harder physical ailments, and tougher weather.

Yet I am still here. And still ready to take on the marathon. I have my game plan worked out and plan to spend this week hydrating and cargo loading. On Sunday, January 15th I plan to run my second marathon!

If you are in the Houston area, PLEASE consider coming out and supporting the race. Seeing a familiar face makes an indescribable difference and energizes us more than you can imagine. The marathon website  has numerous suggestion of places for spectators to go (click here).

I am blessed enough to already have several friends planning on coming out and supporting me - THANK YOU!

And a special thanks to my husband, Jason. He is my biggest fan, best friend, and without him I would not have the confidence to go out there and race my heart out. He supported me last year and plans to support me again this year. THANK YOU HUBBY!

If you would like to get updates on me as a runner, you can go to this website (click here) and search for my name. My bib number is 9292 (pretty good number I'd say!).

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