Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fruit Trees!

This past Saturday was the annual Urban Harvest fruit tree sale. We convinced our friends Greg and Leah that they needed to purchase these exotic, organic trees... and let us use their truck to transport ours.

We woke early Saturday to head to the UH campus downtown and take our place in the already-forming line. (By the time we left, the line was absolutely ridiculous and we were glad we got there early!) We had printed the map of the layout, highlighted the trees we wanted, and ordered them in preference. And when I say "we", I really mean "I" since we all know I am just slightly more anal retentive than Jason. (See our personality type post here).

We made out fruit tree list based on a number of factors. First, we looked at Bob Randall's garden book where he grades all the different varieties based on how easy they are to grow. We also considered things like seize, cross-pollination, etc. In the end we determined that we have space for three trees.

Priority number one was a ujukitsu tree. It's a hybrid orange/lemon that tastes like lemonade. Second was a republic of texas orange tree and finally third a celeste fig tree. We also got bushes of blackberries. We were able to get everything we wanted and get out pretty quickly.

Jason started to plant the blackberries, but realized that because of rain, we need to raise the bed some. Guess what we'll be doing next Saturday!?!

We also still need to plan the fig tree and the oranges are safe for now inside pots (because of freeze we can easily take them inside).

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