Sunday, November 24, 2019

{Another} Georgia Girls Trip

It's evident in my travels that I have a love for Tbilisi - from our initial visit when trying to get visas for Baku, to a girl's road trip there on New Year's, to our family visit over Eid, to now a fourth visit to Tbilisi this month with friends - this city is one of my favorites in the world.

We snagged an amazing deal with the same sale that sent Madi and I to Baku and so we hatched the idea and had tickets booked in a record five hours (which is a lot when you have to convince husbands to let you go and also not have a panic attack booking tickets for another adult - what is your middle name, I have no middle name, what?!)

Finally the day arrived for our trip and you better bet I made matching shirts that they begrudgingly wore for 12 hours because they love me (and it was my birthday trip so they sort of felt obligated to agree, ha!)

As will be evidenced from the pictures there was not a lot of sight seeing done (I told the gals I would happily repeat anything they wanted to see, but both said they will be coming back again so they didn't mind a relaxed weekend of eating and enjoying our company.)

We kicked off the food weekend with lunch at G Vino and enjoyed a meal of khachapuri, soup, and wine.

We headed back to our hotel for a nap before making our way to meet a friend I knew in Baku at the most amazing (and new to me) hotel and restaurant in a renovated old Soviet printing press called Stamba. The food was great and we loved walking around the hotel afterwards.

The next morning we had breakfast and made a reservation for the Sulphur Baths. We spent the morning enjoying the experience and walking around the area.

We headed to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant I had visited with friends previously for the most delicious khinkali and clay pot beans. We slowly walked back towards our hotel stopping to shop along the way.

Late that evening we headed to my personal favorite restaurant in Tbilisi, Schuchmann's Wine Bar and Restaurant It's very foodie-esque with their plate presentation and glass tables. They also have my absolute favorite wine in the world - Schuchmann's Kindzmarauli.

Our final day in Tbilisi we walked the streets and bought our souvenirs (which included two carpets for me!) before enjoying our final meal at Organique Josper Grill Bar where we ordered three different pork entrees and made the waiter laugh and ask us if today was pork day. (It clearly was since we were returning to the Middle East that evening, haha.)

Thank you ladies for doing life with me and for being crazy enough to agree to go explore the world in moment's notice!

Oh and if you are worried about how the husbands did during their solo weekend? Those crazy guys opted to take all the kids camping, get stuck in the mud for hours, and have the most amazing time together while we were away. :-)

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