Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Family Trip to Georgia

Even though Jason and I visited Georgia en route to our site visit in Baku and I went back last January with some girlfriends, we hadn't gone with the girls as a family. When we discovered that there was a long weekend right after our packing was scheduled to finish we decided we should take advantage and have a quick trip there.

We flew out Thursday evening and headed to our hotel. Since we'd been before and all we wanted to do was relax and hang out as a family (we've missed that this year!) we had a leisurely visit that was incredibly lovely.

Our first day we slept in and then explored the city. We took the girls on the cable car and a boat ride and had fun trying on fuzzy hats. We had a delicious lunch at G Vino where I apparently failed to take any pictures. :-/

WE made reservations for dinner at Schuchmann's Restaurant and Bar, our absolute favorite in Tbilisi. The have the best wines and amazing food.

The second day we began by walking to Dunkin Donuts and then made our way to Mtatsminda Park. We spent the entire day there just playing games, eating lunch, and walking around at the girls' pace. The day was full of laughter and fun and just what we all needed. :-)

Afterwards we headed down in the furnicular and made our way to a little hidden gem outside Old City called Pasanauri with the best khinkali and kachapuri for dinner.

Our final day we visited a mall near Freedom Square that we'd seen had a play area. The girls got a chance to run around, slide, rock climb, and jump on trampolines while it rained outside and I got a chance to do walk around and do some shopping.

We headed to another favorite, Organique Josper Bar for our final meal in Tbilisi and were not disappointed. The girls enjoyed playing near our table on the patio and we enjoyed our food and wine.

The entire trip was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. We don't often visit places multiple times because we love exploring new places. However, we knew we needed some quality time together as a family after the chaos of packing and the time apart. This was the perfect compromise of good food and wine for Jason and I plus activities and hanging out for the girls. Until next time Tbilisi, we love you!

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