Friday, November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year, but with the immense help of cooking divided between three of us so it was very stress-free.  Since it's not a holiday here in Doha (but at least it's the end of the work week since the weekend is Friday and Saturday), our meal didn't happen until later in the evening when the kids were done with school and the husbands with work.

I loved setting up the house and was glad I grabbed some decor this past summer (but can we talk about how crazy it is that I bought these in August?!).

The kids enjoyed playing together while we finishes preparing our feast. During the meal we shared different Thankful cards and as the kids finished they got to play individual roll-a-turkey (this is the one we used) so everyone stayed together during the meal. Afterwards we cleaned up the kids made their own foam turkeys.


I am very thankful for this group of friends - we all get along really well and so do our husbands and all of our kids and we recognize that's not always the case! We enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving with them and having the traditional meal of turkey and pumpkin pie.

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