Saturday, November 30, 2019

November Notes

This month was busy (do I say that every month? 🤔) - between two weekend trips (Baku and Tbilisi) plus campinghosting Thanksgiving and celebrating my birthday we had a jam packed month!

We kicked off the month with a street water fight, which the girls loved!

1. 2. and 3. Second avenue water balloon fight!
4. Delicious Carluccio's pizza!
5. Lunch date with two of our favorite guys.
6. Madi said she wanted to bring a book to class to show her teacher - we didn't realize she'd be reading it to her class!
7. Angry birds festival with a fellow toddler + twins mom that's moved to Baku recently.
8. Lots of fun at a Toy Story 4 birthday party for our friend Had.
9. Holiday cups are officially out at Starbucks!

1. Dinner out with my friend Hulda.
2. Attending Evy's field trip to a plant nursery near school.
3. Attending Liv's field trip to a plant nursery near school.
4. 5. 6. 7. Fun play dates with friends!
8. Delicious taco salad with my homemade salsa.
9. Exploring the new Lusail marina near our house with friends.

Evidence our cats are still around and doing well. Sort of - CeCe has ear mites, which the vet found strange since Zoey doesn't have them and CeCe doesn't go outside. I'm happy to report that since treatment she's started going upstairs again and we've seen a definite personality change for the better.

1. 2. Practicing her yoga.
3. A makeup birthday breakfast with this cutie.
4. 5. 6. The rains finally hit Doha and the girls couldn't have been happier to play and jump in puddles.
7. New running buddy - peacock.
8. This girl finally rode a bike without training wheels! We were at a friend's house and she just did it, first try!
9. Can someone tell this cutie it's still too warm for boots and a hat?

1. Lunch after church with these cuties!
2. She made a tent in her bed for sleeping.
3. Date night!
4. School pics at school - can't wait to see the final shots!
5. Play date with our fav girl besties!
6. This tiny package contains two carpets from the trip to Georgia. They sure know how to pack them!
7. Games for these friends.
8. Playing outside (aka climbing).
9. Those clouds! 😍

1. Testing out the winter gear for our ski trip this February.
2. Winter fair at school - highlight: cupcakes that make their mouths blue.
3. Leftover thanksgiving pumpkin turned into pumpkin pie french toast!
4. 5. So special - Hillsong, a Christian band, came to Doha for an amazing concert. We went to dinner beforehand with friends and then headed to the concert and were in awe worshipping in community with other believers.
6. Exciting Frozen 2 exhibit at the mall where the twins got face paint while Madi attended a birthday party.
7. 8. 9. Bowling for Madi and Nami celebrating their friend Raqoya's birthday.

Practicing their penguin walk. 😂

This month we also celebrated my birthday. My friends setup breakfast and surprised me with some sweet gifts while my family made cards for me and got me gorgeous flowers. We celebrated with a delicious dinner at our LifeGroup that evening.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was our only chance to setup the Christmas tree so we spent the evening in last year's Christmas pajamas complete with The Polar Express and slowly decorated our tree to welcome December!

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