Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Halloween and Texas Party!

We arrived home from vacation on Tuesday making it a short work week! I've still got to sort all of the pictures from the trip, but hopefully that will get done this week. :-)

In the meantime we had a busy and fabulous weekend! We celebrated Halloween on Friday at our friend Courtney's house. She is an amazing host and did a fabulous job with decorations and hosting - all of which I forgot to take pictures of along with the pumpkin spice cheesecake I made. :-/

We dressed Madi for Halloween Thursday and Friday in two cute outfits. This year she dressed as a ladybug for the party.

Last year and this year Halloween outfits.
From a little duck to a little bug - she's getting so big!

Saturday we were able to attend a Texas Party hosted by the chamber of commerce. Our friend Jenny babysat Madi for us and we are so grateful to have an evening out with friends! Madi took to her right away and didn't have any problems... hope she's up for babysitting more in the future, ha! ;-)

Kelly brought her camera so most of these pics I stole from her. You can see it was a fabulous evening!

Hope you had a great Halloween weekend also!

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