Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Re-cap

Oh hey there March! You kind of crept up a bit unexpectedly so probably should crank out a February Re-cap sooner rather than later. ;-)

We had a lot of fun in February and a couple opposing climates mixed into the month. Towards the the beginning/middle of the month there were a couple snow days and then the final weekend of February we were outside enjoying the sun!

Here's some of the fun we've been up to this short month -

1. Goofing around with Madi and taking selfies. Love that girl!
2. CeCe engulfed in the massive arm chair on our second floor. Man I'm going to miss that gorgeous furniture when we move houses next week... ha!
3. Zoey having a rough day and burying her head in the bar stool.
4. Delicious salmon salads.
5. The girls discovering that mom and dad could pull them around in decorative baskets.
6. DIY pizza on Friday nights.
7. Mischief. I solemnly swear I am up to no good. ;-)
8. Zoey taking a nap in the doll crib and Madi tucking her in with a blanket so she stays warm.
9. The girls have played pretend sleeping tons this month and Olivia will squint her eyes closed.

Afternoons and meal times are pretty quiet around these parts...

1. Grocery shopping solo with the twins when our nanny was sick. They decided it was a perfect opportunity to play "throw the stuffed animal out of the cart" game to pass the time and entertain the store. Workout done.
2. Beautiful flowers from a dear friend to encourage me having a rough few days. She and I got to be close and it was not easy saying goodbye to her.
3. My girls didn't want to say goodbye to her sweet daughter Maya either!
4. Homemade nachos with homemade salsa and fiesta ranch dip. Yum.
5. Snuggle cats - unfortunately it was short-lived as my phone fell onto the floor causing Zoey to jump onto CeCe in surprise causing CeCe to hiss and swat at Zoey causing Zoey to leap backwards onto the floor and poof. My bad...
6. Egg-free chocolate chip cookies. They tasted great and it was wonderful for Liv to have a treat. :-)
7. Drinking milk from cereal - life skills.
8. Playing at the playground.
9. Snow day!!

Sass. Olivia has started swinging her hips a lot and walking with attitude. Obv from Jason.

Slow motion snow fall from our third floor balcony.

1. More bedtime pretend play. Madi tucking Evy in with her stuffed animal "Ta-ta" and giving her hugs goodnight.
2. Zoey is tolerating the twins more and more and has even been caught snuggling. Olivia has turned out to be a blanket snob and refuses to share with you instead pulling it all up onto her and leaving you cold and blanket-less.
3. We had lunch in Fountain Square and visited the Merry-Go-Round. Gone are the days when we could let just Madi ride and keep her sisters strapped in the stroller.
4. We've found a delicious guy who sells pork products (hard to come by here) and enjoyed a breakfast with eggs and sausage rolls.
5. Date night! Our neighbor is an amazing babysitter and we've been taking advantage of this sweet spot of going out that we are currently in - Madi is old enough to know we are coming home and babysitters are fun and the twins are happy having one another and especially Madi and are over their separation anxiety for the most part. Anyone want to go out?! ;-)
6. Enjoying the unusually warm weather we got the last weekend in February.
7. Zoey tired from a long day of reigning her kingdom.
8. Madi is ready for Mardi Gras!! Man do I miss King Cake.
9. Olivia had some illness this past week that she's thankfully over now, but we slept her in our room to keep an eye on her. I don't think she minded. :-)

This past Friday Jason had a late afternoon meeting and we decided we would try a new park downtown to pass the time until he was finished working. The park was a major success and we spent 2.5 hours there!! I have never stayed at a park so long and we had to drag the girls away to dinner.

Liv and Evy are big enough that they could climb the stairs and slide with little to no help from me. Madi made a new friend right away and the two of them played for over an hour on the swings, see-saw, and slide despite not being able to speak one word to each other since there was no common language. Kids are amazing and we can learn so much from them!

After we dragged them away begrudgingly we had dinner and wandered through the mall for a bit.

And finally we'll end the February re-cap with this video. We've been invited to a few children's birthday parties here in Baku and despite staying until 9 pm (or later) we've yet to make it to the cake cutting. My goal is to last until the cake for a toddler's birthday party. We've proven to be too lame thus far - ha! But before Madi crashed around 915 pm, I did capture her on video busting a move on the dance floor. She's far more social than her parents, haha.

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