Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I feel like a broken record saying "Where did the month go and I haven't blogged!" However, this month I have more legitimate excuses. We had visitors the beginning of the month and spent the time exploring a few things around Baku. Then the day after they departed our house started getting packed to move to a new compound and obv new house. All last week was spent packing, unpacking, organizing, and setting up the new digs. All that's left is hanging pictures and a few other small things and I'll post pics. Until then here's a sneak peek.

However, we've tried to get out a bit still with the girls and take a break. And we've had lots of sweet friends drop over meals and house warming gifts (as evident in the number of food pictures this month, haha).

We've had some great weather lately which meant a visit to the football pitch was needed. Madi was not happy that Olivia loved carrying the ball around and Evelyn proved to be a pretty good dribbler.

A Norwegian coffee date with a friend who also moved from Norway to Azerbaijan. And delicious gifts our friends from Norway bought when they came to visit us.

Only our fellow Baku friends will appreciate this next picture - avocados are expensive and hard to time here because if you wait until they are dark, then they are bad. You can't go off color, but rather feel. And this is the best timing I've had in the 10 months we've been here - ha!

Madi has started dressing herself for school. Sometimes that means wearing clothes backwards. Love this girl and her independence.

The cats "assisting" during the moving process. Zoey climbing in boxes and CeCe hiding under the covers.

Some much needed cookies and baileys to survive the moving process and celebrate the last night in our old house.

My sweet friends Rochelle, Reba, and Tricia surprised me on our first day in the house with sweets and wine. Tricia also spent the whole day earlier in the week helping us unpack and playing with the girls. She was such a big help and I am going to miss her being close to her and my other girlfriends from our previous compound. My friend Jessie came over the next day for a play date and brought us champagne and my favorite American treat from her recent trip to the States.

We got out of the house that evening to meet friends for dinner at a new restaurant in Fountain Square and afterwards visited the Merry-go-Round and McD for the girls first ice cream cone. I'd say they were a fan, hehe.

The second half of this month will be flying by quicker than expected as well because we leave Saturday for holiday. We've been exhausted between moving and Jason's workload and we are both ready to relax! :-)

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