Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekly Wrap-up: Video Edition

January is in full swing! School has started up along with Madi's tennis and swim lessons, my weekly Bible study, etc. But the most fun has definitely been watching the three of these girls. They are so joyful (I know, broken record here) and they entertain us nightly. So enjoy some laughter and a glimpse into the start of 2017 for us. :-)

First up - the scooter. The twins have decided that they are big enough for any activity that Madi does. Including, but not limited to standing on chairs, climbing the cat tower, and riding the scooter. They will stand patiently on it while Madi or one of us pulls them around the living room. Makes perfect sense.

1. "Mommy, take a picture of me upside down!"
2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse entrancement...
3. Evy playing
4. Lazy cats
5. Lots of laughs on the mini trampoline!
6. Liv snuggles
7. Selfie with the Little Sisters
8. We tried a new restaurant by our house, but the girls were not in the mood. YouTube for the win.
9. Evy and Madi earning their keep by helping unload the dishwasher

Puzzles are all the rage in the house right now. And shape sorters. Really anything along those lines. Evy especially has taken to matching shapes. She loves this Mellissa and Doug animal puzzle she got for Christmas and can finish it pretty quickly. Jason thought it would be funny to turn it upside down on her and sure enough, the first time he did she went straight for the usual places and animals. After a second she stopped trying and flipped the board! So quick. I wanted to capture it on video, but by this point she knew our game.

1. Madi learning how to play Skip Bo during sisters' naptime.
2. Daily afternoon dose of Mickey
3. Cat. She has destroyed multiple toilet paper rolls this month. She's free to a good home.
4. Stylin' Liv
5. Trampoline tickles
6. Bedtime is still shot. Now they've stolen our chairs and just sit here with these looks on their faces while we dance and sing like monkeys for them.
7. Salads - we found amazing lettuce (a true rarity here) and now order weekly and love having them back!
8. Sweet bedtime snuggles
9. Madi is an amazing big sister and the twins love her so very much. Evy's eye say it all in this picture - she makes them laugh, smile, and they look up to her. So precious!

So remember when we went to the circus in December? Did we forget to tell you about the obnoxious noisemakers that Grandma purchased? Well here, don't let us deprive you of the wonderful experience. (Can anyone actually figure out what they toy is saying??)

And just in case you didn't believe me when I said that evenings were entertaining around here, I've got three more videos of spinning in circles until your dizzy and fall down, laughter when being smothered, and races with walkers.

And finally my favorite of the month so far - the best Daddy in the world balances all three of his amazing girls. We sure are blessed to have him!

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