Monday, January 9, 2017

Battling Distraction

I've realized a problem in my mothering that I'm consciously working to correct. It's a common mistake amongst women today and I fear the habits and consequences that will result of action isn't taken now to rectify the behavior. What's my problem? Distraction.

I'm distracted by my phone- the girls are playing around me and begging for my attention.

I'm distracted by my own agenda- I have something I want to get done and so my patience is non existent and my temper quick to reprimand when my attention is broken.

I'm distracted by the daily tasks of running a household- grocery shopping, meal planning and execution, laundry, etc.

Some of these distractions are necessary. There are places we have to go and things that have to be done. But how much am I missing by not focusing on what really matters? By not connecting with my family in the mundane every day things? Like not putting down my phone to play with them? Or not giving five more minutes of cuddles rather than hurrying to finish the dishes? These are the things I'm worried about missing because I'm distracted.

This past Sunday we went to the indoor play area. We are at a stage where outings are hit or miss depending on moods and we move slow as molasses trying to get anywhere. However, it was a magical afternoon. My phone put away (except for a couple minutes of pictures, baby steps), the girls played for hours, and smiles were everywhere.

I want to remember the way Madi scampered up to go down the huge blue side all by herself shouting for us to watch her. She barreled down with glee and happiness at her accomplishment. I want to remember the way she bounced on the trampoline laughing and hair flying wildly.

I want to remember the way Evy stood with me at the bottom of the slide, pointing at her big sister coming down, laughing with her and shouting "ma-mee" I want to remember how she got so excited to see the turtle and bunny characters. How she ran to them and put her arms open for them to pick her up. How she gave them high fives, blew kisses, and said "buh-bye" when it was time to go.

I want to remember the way Liv climbed over to the slide, sat down, and then slid into my arms smiling and laughing. I want to remember how when I tried to pick her up after the slide she became limp and lay on her back flat smiling to be tickled and laughing with glee.

These are the memories that I want to remember with my precious girls. I'm so thankful I put my phone away for most of the visit and connected with them. I'm making a conscious effort to be present daily and build the relationships I have with my precious blessings.

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