Friday, November 7, 2014

WRC Catalunya

Jason took a guy's trip February 2013 to attend WRC Sweden. Standing in below freezing temperatures to watch cars? No thanks! I told Jason if he wanted me to attend one of these races, then he had better find a warmer location... enter Spain!

We flew into Barcelona and drove about an hour south to Salou, where the race was headquartered. We enjoyed three and a half days of watching car races at different spots around the area. It was beautiful countryside and we got to see parts of it we wouldn't have otherwise!

Madi enjoyed watching the cars almost as much as she enjoyed people watching I think! We also got to do a little sightseeing at the beginning and end of the trip in Barcelona.

The Sagrada Familia was on the top of our list of places to see before the race began and it was worth it! The church was beautiful inside and out. I highligh recommend buying your tickets online beforehand and downloading to a smart phone or tablet. We were able to skip the long lines for tickets and walk right in!

The race began Thursday evening in Barcelona and continued through Sunday midday. We drove to different locations everyday to watch different stages of the race. We also got a chance to visit the service park which was close to our hotel. I went a bit overboard on the matching shirts this trip and got some for me and Madi, Daddy and Madi, and even the whole family. ;-)

We visited the Barcelona Zoo on Monday and watched a punk meerkat kick his friend off the perch. Reminded us of our own meerkat at home...

On our way back to our hotel we missed a turn and ended up at the most amazing overlook of the city! Talk about a great mistake. :-) We walked around for a bit and enjoyed the scenery - you can even see Sagrada Familia in the background.

It was a wonderful vacation! The best part was getting to do something as a family that Jason loves and spending time together. Here's to another race soon! :-)

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