Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Back Pain and Birthdays

This was a tough week! On Tuesday I went to pick Madi up and immediately felt a sharp pain in my lower back. I've had this happen maybe three times before (in the past four years so not often) and let me tell you - it's not fun.

However, this time felt so much worse. I was able to get into my chiro that same day and she told me to go home, ice, rest, and come back tomorrow for a massage. Well as soon as she saw me the next morning, I burst into tears. She ordered an MRI. I was barely able to walk (definitely couldn't drive) and was not doing well.

Long story short - the MRI revealed I have/had a bulging disc, prolapsed disc, annular tear and beginning signs of osteoarthrosis (something which I should not be having until like 45 years old). Not a good diagnosis. :-/

Fortunately, I was able to take the rest of the week of work and rest and by Friday was able to move so much better and in a lot less pain. I had also read three books, watched two movies, and was going stir crazy just laying around - ha!

Friday morning I was able to have my friend Kara over with her son Ty (it was a planning day for barnehage so Madi was out of school). We took it easy and let the kiddos watch a movie while we chatted. It was so nice to start feeling normal again!

That evening we had friends over for dinner planned long ago. Liza was bringing over the stuff to make her delicious curry so all I had to do was basically let my friends in and they cooked! The boys watched the littles while Dora and I helped Liza prep.

Dora's birthday was a week ago and mine is coming up in two weeks so Liza made an absolutely divine chocolate cake with ombre icing. Soooo good!  Then we just relaxed in the chaos that is three kiddos under three years old. ;-)

Saturday morning we were able to go feed the ducks near Stokka. The walk was a bit much and I was pretty tired afterwards so Madi and I napped with Jason had to go into the office for a few hours.

I hope your week was wonderful and injury-free! Thank you to everyone who was praying and checking up on me. It was very appreciated!! :-)

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