Monday, October 20, 2014

Madi: 16 Months

As I sat down to write this post it seemed like just yesterday that I was writing Madi's 15 month post... and then I realized that's because I have only done three blog posts in the past month. Yikes! :-/

Things have been crazy busy in the Stingerie household and seeing as we leave for vacation this week I don't think they are going to slow down until November! But that's not what this post is about. :-)

So on to Madi's 16 month post! Oh and to make up for lost time over the past month, I've flooded this post with videos. Enjoy. :-)

Madi has started saying "oy!" all. the. time. She drops something - "oy!", she falls "oy!", there's a loud sound "oy!". We have never said "oy!"... which leaves me with the conclusion that it's a Norwegian catch phrase that Madi has picked up on from barnehage. It causes us to burst into laughter everytime though because she sounds so serious when she says it!

We've been off and on runny nose, cough, and slight fever (a combination of barnehage, fall, and teething maybe?). We got some extra snuggles one morning...albeit they were a bit noisy. ;-)

But the biggest change since last month is Madi's talking - she's been good at talking for awhile, but the past couple of weeks it has magnified! Even barnehage said "We have no idea if she's speaking English or Norwegian, but she's been talking a lot the past couple of days!" You're telling me!

Along with her gibberish (Madiense?) she's repeating everything we say (watch out!). Here are some of her new words: corn, tower, door, up, cake, boat, ball, fish, staw-berry (strawberry), cup, done, and bowl, and ba-da (banana, which she eats a full one every morning!).

Oh and two more favorites: bubble and cookie (it's at the end, promise ;-) )

Up until now Madi has been really great at de-construction. However, this past month she started actually building! She's very meticulous with the pieces and making sure they are all the way down. She also had a bit of a tantrum when she couldn't get the nut and bolt from her tool bench to screw together and figure out how it worked... perhaps we have a future engineer on our hands? :-)

Miss Madi,

I love listening to you talk. But I'm also truly afraid when you start to say real words. Let's just say we plan to avoid any children's church or activities where you will be given a chance to speak freely. ;-) You are still so joyful and happy and we feel so blessed to be your parents. I love you baby girl!


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