Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Månafossen - Wonderous Waterfall Hike

We relaxed Saturday night after our long, but amazing day at Flor and Fjære because we knew we'd have another long day on Sunday. When Madi was getting close to her first nap time in the morning, we hit the road to drive about an hour southeast to Månafossen. It's a short, but steep hike that we tackled back in October with our friends and were excited to hike again with Madi and Lilia.

Since we have plans to hike Preikestolen and hopefully Kjerag while Lilia is visiting us, I needed to get some practice wearing the hiking backpack and carrying Madi. (Jason and I will have to trade off on the other hikes because they are longer.)

The weather was a bit overcast when we began, but cleared up immensely after we'd hiked up to Mån Farm and back down to the waterfall overlook. You can see the difference just an hour made in the clarity!

The hike was great and it was definitely good practice getting used to carrying Madi. I would highly recommend this hike if you are in the Stavanger area! It's a bit steep, but there's a handrail on the worst parts and overall it's pretty mild.

No Madi's were put in danger during the photographing of this picture ;-)

After the hike we headed to Byrkjedalstunet, the candle factory nearby. We snacked on pancakes and shopped a bit before driving to Gloppedal, a glacial terminal morraine.

We headed back home after that stop and let Madi nap while we picked fresh berries in the backyard and had our friend Anthony over for bbq. It was a relaxing end to the weekend and so much fun to have family here visiting that we can show off beautiful Norway to!

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