Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Aunt Lil Takes Over!

This week's Weekly Wrap-up is special - Aunt Lil has been here watching Madi all week. You can see in the pictures below they are both having a blast! It's been great having her here to help around the house and of course, watch the duck. :-)

So without further ado, I'll turn it over to Aunt Lil for an update on her week with Madi!

Hello everyone! I'm not as experienced with this kind of thing like Darcy, so we will see how this goes. Spending time with her and J+D has been a lot of fun so far! Norway is definitely different than what I'm used to, so that has been interesting getting accustomed to everything for sure (especially how pricey things are over here.. Geez!). So, getting to the point, Madi and I had a lot of fun this week. I realized how tired I could really get from watching her, which led me to conclude that I'm definitely going to wait a while until I have a munchkin of my own. :P

Enjoy this little slideshow of pictures from our week, definitely got a lot of smiles from this little one! Well, along with some sass... but who doesn't have that ;)

Sass Example A... that smirk gets me every time.
Swinging in the backyard, enjoying unusual summer weather here :)
Bath time!
She decided to get in the splash pool with her Hungarian dress on... and had more fun
in that rather than in her bathing suit... Silly duck.
You can see the Cece cat to the left of the couch
enjoying the sun, and Madi was excited that she found the cat :)
Went to the Tananger harbor on Friday and fed the seagulls and swans.

My inner photographer came out.. Really like this picture
with her little Sperry-Topsiders on :)
Darcy took this of us at the harbor.. such a nice day!
Selfie with the Madds.. she knew what to do and everything!
Went to Capella Play on Saturday and I got to be a kid 
with her in the play area... I think I had a little too much fun.

Thanks for reading my first blog post! I have enjoyed my time out here so far, and can't believe I leave in a week from today... It has been such an honor and privilege to be able to take care of this little charm, and spend time with Jason and Darcy as well. Looking forward to my last week with the crew :)

Aunt Lilia signing off! :-)

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