Saturday, July 26, 2014

Madi: 13 Months

I'm a bit late in posting this... I was debating whether or not to continue doing these monthly posts since (a) my DIY monthly onesies were only up to 12 months and (b) they are a bit time consuming doing an afternoon of picture-taking, editing, etc. However, the reason I began blogging was to capture memories of our lives that I print in a book each year. This is the easiest way for us to share little tid bits and stories and have a way of remembering them. So you're stuck with more Madi for now. :-)

I've changed the format a bit to be easier than a photo shoot each month. ;-) I'll just grab a photo I like from that month and share on it memories, skills, likes/dislikes, etc. on the picture with stories below. I had seen this idea on a few blogs, including my Pi Phi friend Vanessa over at Sunflower State of Mind. It's super creative and was perfect so I hope she and the others don't mind me copying them!

Photo courtesy of Aunt Lilia

Your Daddy's birthday present arrived the week after your wonderful birthday party. We've had a lot of fun riding around the block and watching you enjoy it! You even took the remote control and tried to drive yourself one time. It's going to be so much fun watching you grow with your ride. ;-)

Last month you started doing pat-a-cake, but could only clap your hands. Now you are able to do the whole song's motions (albeit slightly behind the song sometimes).

We decided to give you a spoon one day and watched in amazement as you dipped it into your yogurt and actually got some of it to your mouth! Since then we've let you use one each morning for yogurt or apple sauce and you are pretty much able to feed yourself with just a little help from us.

I don't know if it's because you are working on all four molars at the same time or just don't want to go to sleep, but you've been a little pill lately at bedtime. We have the same routine since forever and these days you may not even let us read you a book and others you wait until singing time to start fussing. Once you go to sleep you are fine, but sometimes you are needing extra snuggles before you'll calm down.

FaceTime is a regular activity with all of our family in the States. We turn on the guided access feature because all you want to do is grab the phone. You give the phone kisses and run around with it talking and waving it. It's funny to watch on this end, but I am sure your poor grandparents are quite dizzy talking to you! :-)

You are starting to test limits and our usage of the word "no". Previously when we would say "no" sternly you would get a sad face and even cry sometimes. Gone are those days! Now you get the absolute cutest smile ever on your face when we tell you "no"! It's hard for Mommy and Daddy to keep a straight face sometimes when you do that to us.

We went on a lot of hikes this month! Your Aunt Lilia came to visit and we felt it was our Norwegian duty to drag her to all of the nearby hiking spots. We did Månafossen, Preikestolen, and even Kjerag (Part 1 and Part 2) while she was here!

This month flew by so quickly (I think because we were all having so much fun with your Aunt Lil!). It was such a blessing to have her here with us and for her to get to spend so much time with you! We're missing her like crazy since she left last week.

Miss Madi - you are still such a joy and so much fun! You never ever stop running around or making us smile. It's fun to see you develop into a little toddler, but it's sad to think how quickly a year has already flown by! We love you so much and appreciate how amazing you are handling these molars. ;-) Love, Mommy and Daddy

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