Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swimming Duck

Our nickname for Madi is Duck. And it comes in many variations - Little Duck, Madi Duck, Lil' Quack, etc. So it only seemed fitting that Little Duck should learn how to swim! There are lots of swim classes during the day, but we wanted one that both of us could attend since we are working. My friend Irma told us about one that they were about to start with their daughter Indi, who's just a month and a half younger than Madi. We got the last spot in the same time slot as them and were excited to begin!

Unfortunately, we missed the first lesson because Madi was still in a bandage from "the incident". The following week there was no class because it was winter break. So last Saturday was the first class we could attend. I was at our women's retreat so it was a Daddy and Madi affair. Jason was a little over-whelmed reading through the list of instructions for the class...

Jason: Shower?! It says I have to shower beforehand. With soap. How am I supposed to do that with Madi?! And she has to shower too!

Darcy: Well, you'll figure it out. Either you'll shower with her or you'll ask someone for help.

Oh how I wish I could have seen the entertainment that was Jason singularly getting himself and Madi showered, changed, and ready for the class... ;-) I digress.

Here is a cute video Jason made of her first lesson. He brought the GoPro and got some great pictures of the two of them - this is definitely a new favorite of mine!!

And of course he got a shot of Madi and Indi enjoying their lesson!

I was excited to be able to go with them today for her next lesson. I think Jason enjoyed having the extra set of hands too. ;-)

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