Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up!

This was a busy and eventful which (a rarity for us of course ;-) ). So here we go with the weekly wrap-up!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Monday with our cute "The Leprechauns made me do it" shirt our friends got in Ireland. On Tuesday we celebrated Daddy's birthday with a chocolate cake and his favorite thin mints!

On Monday, Grandma came to visit!! She watched Madi the whole week and will be staying through until Thursday this week. We are so grateful that she could come visit and she's definitely enjoyed her Madi time!

Grandma brought Madi a new toy that she LOVES - her fish tank! Miss Madi also turned nine months this week and is celebrating by getting a little too comfortable standing on her own. She consistently is letting go and standing alone and has even stood up without holding on to anything! I'd say our time before steps is very short... Mad is getting so big! Grandma has taught her to raise her arms above her head when you ask her how big she is and tell her she's so big. Madi loves it! :-)

This weekend we had Madi's swim lessons and then took advantage of some sun in the afternoon to go feed the ducks at Stokka!

Madi loves playing peek-a-boo pretty much anywhere these days! I had fun playing with her using a blanket on the sofa. And afterwards getting some Madi cuddles. :-)

Then after bedtime I was able to get kitten cuddles - bonus! And spy on Madi passed out in the crib. Love having a baby monitor, hehe.

We hope you have a wonderful week!!

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