Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: The Letter "B"

The letter "B" stands for -

1. Boxing glove. Madi officially removed hers on Monday and has been adjusting to having both hands back (read: staring at her right hand with a peculiar look on her face for a day and a half). We celebrated by putting her in one of our Vera Bradley outfits and going for frozen yogurt. She didn't quite know what to think...

2. Barnehage. On Monday, we got the best news yet! Madi was awarded a spot in the private barnehage (aka daycare) on-site here at ConocoPhillips! She will start at next year's enrollment this August and we are so grateful that she is going to be so close!

It's about a 10 min walk to work and, according to google maps, a 45 second walk from my office to barnehage. :-)

3. Bed. Madi typically starts to wake-up while we are getting ready for work. She doesn't make much noise, but she crawls her way tot he corner of the bed closest to the door and stands up, ready and waiting, for us to come get her. So adorable.

4. Boxes. The movers arrived at the house Thursday and started packing everything up. They finished packing on Friday and started moving stuff over to the new house that afternoon.

Mommy hiding behind, ready to move if Madi moves ;-)
Zoey liked being in the box...

... Madi did like being in the box...

5. Bregneveien. We're officially moved into our new place, located on the street Bregneveien. (Email me if you need the full address. :-) )

We're home!!!
And finally, 6. Best. As in one of the Best. Weeks. Ever. :-)

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