Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scotland Weekend

This past weekend we decided to hop the short 1-hour flight to Aberdeen, Scotland and visit my college friend Emily. We arrived Friday night and enjoyed a quiet evening of relaxing and catching up.

Saturday morning we got to catch up with some of our American friends for brunch at Sand Dollar Cafe. It was wonderful to see all of them and introduce them to Madi!

After a leisurely morning we loaded up the car and drove down to Edinburgh for the night. We walked around that evening and grabbed a beer and dinner at a pub, Beehive, that was recommended by our friends Tyler and Emily (a different one) that used to live there.

Sunday morning we planned to hit the Edinburgh Castle and walk along The Royal Mile. We were looking at a sign for walking tours when a gentlemen approached us asking if we could be his guinea pigs for him and his partner starting their own walking tour company. He would take us around half of The Royal Mile and some of the other sights in the area for about an hour in exchange for feedback on his content, pace, etc. Sounded like a deal to us!

Our fabulous little traveler! :-)

We enjoyed the information he shared and had a great time. It ended up taking about an hour and a half which wasn't a big deal to us. After giving him some feedback we grabbed lunch and then headed to Edinburgh Castle.

We got on the road back to Aberdeen late that afternoon. We spent the rest of that evening and the following morning before our flight home relaxing and enjoying each other's company. And of course a trip to the grocery store for goodies we can't get in Norway. Like blueberry bagels. Mmm, delicious carbs. :-)

Overall it was a great (albeit short) visit to Aberdeen, which I loved because it had been way to long since I'd seen Emily and I'm glad she got to meet my daughter (does it ever stop getting weird to say that?!)

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