Saturday, November 2, 2013

3-Sjøersløpet Half Marathon

Today was the 3-Sjøersløpet (3 Lakes) half marathon! I signed up and started training for this race back in September yet today came quicker than expected. :-) The weather was absolutely gorgeous- clear and sunny skies without a bit of rain on the horizon (a rarity for this time if year in Stavanger).

Erica and I hopped the bus to the start line ready to race! I received this wonderful "good luck" text while waiting to start. :-)

The run itself went absolutely fabulous! If let great, ran hard, and finished in 2:19:01!! I couldn't be happier with how things went. I also had an amazing crew cheering me into the finish line. Thanks Megan, Loren, Erica (because she rocked it and finished in 1:58!!) and my two favorites, the Mads and Jason!

There are so many people who supported me through prayers, good luck texts, Facebook messages, and encouragement that I could do this! Thank you!!! I am especially grateful for Kemi. She was so kind to watch Madi every Tuesday, asking nothing in return, in order for me to get in my long runs. I was so thankful to not have to sacrifice weekends with Jason and Madi in order to do those runs. 

And I also need to say a special thanks to my family- Madi was a trooper and always behaved perfectly on our runs in the jogging stroller and without Jason I wouldn't have has the support, encouragement, confidence, and ability to know that I would be able to accomplish this goal!

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