Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall "Pumpkin" Patch

I am honestly not sure if Norway has any pumpkin patches where you can go take pictures and pick our a pumpkin... we'll have to search more next year for that and see if they do! Instead, we did an impromptu photo shoot while we were in Hungary.

There was a spot not far from where we were staying with the most gorgeous orange, yellow, and white flowers. And since the weather in Budapest was unusually warm while we were there (I'm talking like sunny and 70's warm!), we decided to take advantage. A business close by had a pumpkin out as part of their decorations and I asked if we could borrow it for a few photos.

Boom. "Pumpkin" patch photo success! Sort of. Madi can't quite sit up by herself yet so there was a balancing act of me trying to prop her up, get to to smile, and Jason quickly take the picture before she fell. It was pretty hysterical and we had a blast!

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