Saturday, November 23, 2013

First Thanksgiving...Sort Of

Obviously living in Norway, the fourth Thursday of November is just a regular ol' day. And since Madi and I will be jetting off to London this Wednesday we decided to have a Thanksgiving get-together with some of our American expat friends.

We planned to host the event at our house and then Wednesday this past week Jason came home and wasn't feeling good. Poor guy is still sick today so we opted out of hosting and the Johnson's graciously let us crash their place instead. (I believe the reason Jason is still sick is because I cleaned the house on Friday in preparation for company. Had the house still been dirty I guarantee you he would be feeling better. Sorry babe...)

Since we were in charge of a few key components (turkey, ham, stuffing, and big deal) - all of which had already been purchased and prepped, I got cooking and Madi and I went over there to enjoy the meal with friends. Yep, I left my poor, achy husband at home. And I didn't feel too guilty about it since there was nothing else I could do to help him feel better or make him more comfortable at home. That is until I got there and we started talking about Thanksgivings with family and I realized just how sad and upset I was that Jason wasn't with us for Madi's first "Thanksgiving". (But let's be honest, she slept the majority of the time anyway, haha.) I had a fabulous time with our friends and I'm glad to have gotten a little taste of 'Merica this weekend. :-)

The food everyone brought was amazing and I'm looking forward to sharing the delicious leftovers with Jason tomorrow when I know he will be feeling better. (If I say it enough times I can will it into happening, right?!)

And since my birthday is Monday, Jason was super sweet and ordered cupcakes from a friend of ours, Lisa, who has started her own cupcake business here in Norway called Creative Cupcakes. She is super talented - I mean check out these flowers?! And the girls surprised me with candles and singing. So sweet!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day this upcoming week!!

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