Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Three weeks ago Madi and I had appointments with the chiropractor. Charlotte warned me that while most babies start rolling over at 4-5 months, Madison was strong enough and acting like she might do it sooner...

That following week we came into Madi's room in the morning and saw this -

She continued flipping herself in the night and last week started showing off for Daddy and Mommy by rolling both directions! She's not that good at going from her stomach-to-back (which is apparently supposed to be easier according to Baby Center...), but is rolling pretty well from her back-to-stomach! 



And then to make matters worse we saw this last night...

She's already getting on her knees and pushing her bum into the air and is getting close to a crawling position. Not. Cool.

I was excited for the rolling milestone...but I am not ready for an early crawling milestone! Plus I'm also selfishly irked that (1) I can no longer leave her alone anywhere and (2) she's growing up way too fast!!!

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