Friday, October 18, 2013

Headband Holder DIY

Hello. My name is Darcy and I have a headband obsession problem. My daughter has never been out of the house without a hair accessory of some kind to match her outfit...

Madison's collection of headbands is a bit out of control. Jason has forbid I spend any more money on hair accessories. Forever. But I think I'll be able to sway him when Madi's a little older and needs hair ties, clips, etc. ;-)

Until then, however, I needed to find a way to organize her headbands. It was getting to be a hassle trying to dig through a basket every day for a specific one. I searched online for a few ideas of headband displays to get the wheels turning.

It was super easy to make and it works so well! I am the worst at DIY transition pictures so you'll just have to picture everything in your head.

Here are the supplies -

Remove the glass and backing from the frame. Nail as many strips of ribbon across the back as you want on the grame, making sure to space them enough apart to easily get hair clips on/off. Drill holes in the bottom of the frame and add hooks. We couldn't find black hooks that worked so we ended up getting silver ones and spray painting them. We had 10 in the pack, but decided to use only 8 across the bottom.

We've hung it on the back of the door in Madison's room and it makes selecting the perfect headband each day a breeze!

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