Monday, October 7, 2013

One Year Ago

I have an app on my phone called Timehop. I heard about it from my fellow Pi Phi friend Vanessa over at Sunflower State of Mind. You give it access to your social media as well as your computer (if you choose) and every day it tells you what you've posted or done in previous years. I've had fun looking at old sorority pictures and vacation pictures and previous Facebook statuses. :-)

Today, however, was one of the most special so far. Today my Timehop reminded me exactly how much my life has changed in the past year. It was today, one year ago, that Jason and I had just landed in Houston after our trip to Stavanger, Norway. We'd traveled there for our site visit already knowing we'd be moving overseas in about a month. It was also on that trip that I'd begun to suspect I was pregnant, but didn't say anything.

After we arrived home I tricked Jason into going to the grocery store while I stayed home and took a pregnancy test in his absence. I had a card for him and had ordered a personalized onesie for when I got pregnant (this shouldn't surprise anyone who knows my planning personality ;-) ). Once I saw "Pregnant" on that little pee stick I got together my surprise and waited for Jason to come home.

Now as I sit here and type this I think about just how much our lives have changed in just one year! We have been blessed with the gift of an amazing daughter, Madison Rose Stingerie, and I can't imagine our lives without her now! While it's only been a few months, she has already grown us, changed us, and challenged us in ways we couldn't have dreamed possible and we are so grateful the Lord has given us the joy and responsibility of watching over His beautiful child.

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