Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Current iPhone App Favs

There are quite a few apps that I couldn't live without on my phone, especially since having a little one running around now who occupies 99.9% of the pictures on my phone and social media posts.

1. iBabyLog. This is definitely my #1 used app. Stephanie, my sister-in-law, told me about it when I was pregnant and I downloaded it immediately. It allows you to track everything, and I literally mean, everything that you could ever want to know about your baby - diapers, activities, baths, sleep, solids, moods, sickness, milestone, pumping, nursing, and still more! However, a person would go crazy trying to track all of that so I only use it for diapers, nursing, and medicine and every once in awhile milestones.

And for the nerd in you, there are totals and graphs that allow you to see the daily, weekly, and monthly statistics of whatever you are tracking. And you can post it to facebook. (Because FB really wants/needs to know the number of poopy diapers that Madison had in August, right?!) But I will admit that I love seeing the statistics and charts. :-)

You can also link the app to another user. We've done that for nursing and diapers, but nothing else because every time you go into the app it has to sync. This only takes a couple seconds, but if you have more stuff linked I would imagine it takes longer. This way Jason can record things when he's watching Madison. Oh and the best part about the app? It's free!

2. I mentioned the Timehop app that I've been using daily in a previous blog post. You can link your social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) and even your home computer to the app. Every day the app prepares "Your Day in History" and shows you what you've done in previous years. I have enjoyed seeing vacation photos and sorority memories and look forward to continuing to see updates of what's happened over the years.

3. Collect. I heard about this app from my Pi Phi friend Chelsea over at The Perfect Catch. It allows you to upload a photo each day and then save the calendar as a photo. Here is September!

4. Diptic. This app allows me to make photo collages of different sizes. Since I have fallen prey to a common first-time mother condition called "obsessive photo-taking", this helps me to put nine pictures into one and pretend like I don't have a problem. ;-) It costs $1.99 for this app (plus $.99 more if you want to be able to change the aspect ratio and add text), but it's definitely worth it!
5. Facebook, Instagram, and Bloglovin' are the last ones that I regularly check when I'm feeding Madi or have a few spare moments throughout the day. They allow me to stay in touch with my friends and family back in Houston and feel more connected despite being so far away! You can follow me on any of those social media outlets by clicking on the "Stay in Touch" buttons on the upper right side of the blog. :-) 

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