Monday, February 4, 2013

What's Been Happening Lately

It seems that lately the blog has turned mostly into weekly updates about how my pregnancy is going. And while I love capturing those memories and can't wait wait to turn them into a baby book, we've had a lot of other stuff going on as well!

The biggest time-suck the past couple of weeks has been getting our sea shipment and unpacking the house to turn it into our home. You can read most about that here.

Besides that our schedule is starting to fill very quickly. I thought we were supposed to be less busy after we moved to Stavanger...well, we aren't doing a very good job at that!

Norwegian lessons start this week and our church's Spring activities have started and Jason and I have jumped in full-swing! The Women's Ministry had a kick-off event, Celebrating Love, Monday as week ago. My friend Shaina was able to join me and we enjoyed meeting all of the ladies and hearing them share about the relationships in their lives.

Jason started attending the Men's Group Bible study on Tuesday evening and on Thursday I joined the Women's Bible study. We are doing a Beth Moore study called "To Live is Christ" about the ministry of Paul. I am excited to start my first Beth Moore study!

Jason had a team build with his work group and get to try out his curling skills! He said it was very difficult, but had a great time trying!

While Jason was at his team build, I attended a coworker's birthday party. It was wonderful to meet some new people and there were a couple girls that I spent most of the night visiting with. This past weekend they invited Jason and I to attend a British Amateur Theater panto show called Dick Whittington. One of the ladies, Tuulikki, was performing in the play so we joined Emma and her fiance Ben to cheer them on. It was a terrific play and we had a lot of fun!

Saturday night we got to have dinner with some friends that we had met back in Houston that live in Aberdeen. It was wonderful visiting with them and we're glad that we could see them while they were in Stavanger!

There will be lots more to report next week since Jason and the boys are headed to Sweden this week to watch a Winter Rally race and I will be headed to Aberdeen to visit some girlfriends! :-)

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