Sunday, February 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Finally! It took a bit longer than expected to get our sea shipment (perhaps a delay because of the holidays). But finally it arrived! And we are officially unpacked and settled into our new home. (If you want to see the pictures of our house when we first moved in click here.)

Unfortunately due to work I was unable to be at the house when the movers were there. Jason knows to take pictures at this point for documenting purposes though. :-)

The movers will unpack the boxes and haul them away so you don't have to mess with doing that. Jason was under strict instructions not to organize and put away anything. When he argued that I was being ridiculous I said he could have electronics and his closet. Haha. I love to organize and Jason was fine not depriving me of that joy!

I tackled the bedroom that first night (mostly because the movers hadn't been able to unpack much more than that stuff). The following day we tackled the kitchen and already it felt more like home! The bathroom and "office" (desk in our bedroom) were next followed by little bits here and there.

The kittens of course helped! ;-)

Two weekends we tackled the last big item - the storage unit. We had to assemble shelves, setup bikes, and organize all of our outdoor and sporting equipment. We took the final hauls down on Sunday and I think we did a great job in utilizing the space!

Next to tackle the nursery preparations... :-)

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