Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is our last "single" Valentine's Day. We can't wait to celebrate next February with our sweet little girl!

We probably should have celebrated by going out to dinner or doing something that we won't be able to do once our Baby Girl arrives, but instead we spent the evening relaxing at home. A perfect night for us. :-)

While I was on my Girl's Trip to Aberdeen (click here), I bought a small gammon (an uncooked ham) for Jason. We made the gammon tonight along with scalloped potatoes. Quite the American meal!

Jason opened his gift from me (basically a lot of candy I bought in Aberdeen) and his card. Since Jason didn't have any way of getting me a card that I could read, he made one! LOVE this guy!!

We also took some family photos with all five of us. :-)

And one of just the three of us!

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