Monday, February 18, 2013

Houston, We Have Movement!

Ironic that I just posted  yesterday in my Week 23 update that I was looking forward to feeling Baby Girl kick more. She must have heard me because Jason and I got the surprise of our lives yesterday!

There are quite a few women in my office that are pregnant right now and they all seem to be ahead of me. Not necessarily in terms of what week, but just in experiencing things. They started showing sooner, they have felt their babies move sooner, they found out the gender sooner, etc. I've been feeling a little behind here peeps!

Since everything I've read says that I should be feeling the baby at this point I talked to the midwife about it at my last appointment. She said it was nothing to be concerned about and that I should start feeling the baby soon. She also reassured me that it's difficult with the first baby to know exactly what is the baby. Their initial movements can only be described as a light "fluttering" which makes sense, but has you question what in the heck that feels like! There have been a couple times when I thought I might have felt fluttering, but it was early in the morning while I was in bed so I wondered if I was dreaming or imagining it or what. I've been starting to get worried that either she's not moving, under-sized, or the most likely scenario that I am retarded and can't even understand my child this early on (which does not bode well for my future in parenting!)

Last night, Sunday, February 17th, when I was laying in bed I started to do something I've never done before - talk to Baby Girl. I had my shirt up and was touching my stomach as well. Totally awkward at first, but it got more comfortable as I got going. Jason heard me and joined me on the bed putting his hand on my stomach and started talking to her as well.

Then out of the blue we all of a sudden felt a kick! We just looked at one another with big eyes and Jason quietly asked, "Did you feel something?" and I responded "Oh my gosh you felt it too so it had to have been real!". He said he also thought he saw my stomach move too. A little bit later she gave one more, slightly more subtle, kick that we again both felt. It was absolutely incredible! What a total blessing that we got to feel her and that we experienced our first recognizable kick at the same time!! It totally didn't make me start crying either... dang hormones! :-)

Here's to many more kicks and movement from Baby Girl!!

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