Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Girl's Growing Closet

If you are a mom out there and haven't heard of Zulily, then you are missing out! And saving your bottom-line because the site is dangerous! Check out the website using this link here.

I started shopping there months before we were pregnant. They have tons of stuff on there - home goods, women's clothing and accessories, outdoor gear, etc. I also got quite a bit of maternity clothing on there before we moved to Norway. Their biggest driver though of course is baby stuff and currently a decent portion of our daughter's wardrobe (and I only anticipate it to grow in the future...) :-)

The website became significantly more dangerous once we found out the gender of our little one (a baby girl) and it doesn't help that the majority of baby clothing is geared towards little girls rather than boys (although I have seen some adorable boys stuff on there that makes me want a little gentleman!)

Jason and I have made an agreement where I do not purchase anything on Zulily without talking to him, regardless of how big or small the purchase. While that may sound resctrictive, it was a limititation that I imposed on myself after spending a couple hours shopping and realzing that my basket contained over $200 worth of baby clothes that she may or may not ever have time to wear before she outgrows them!

Being a logical and practical engineer I know that we are going to receive lots of clothes from loved ones, that our little one will not be able to wear everything before she outgrows them, and that it's better for us to wait and see what's really necessary before we spend a lot of money on baby clothes. The emotional about-to-become-a-mom part of me is crying out "Oh my gosh this is so adorable and I must have it so that my little girl is the best dressed around!" (And because that much effort is not put into my own appearance I feel it's best to introduce my child to the world looking spectacular.)

So while these two opposing sides continue to battle it out, I have my sweet husband to keep me grounded, but even he caves from time to time thinking about his future little angel. ;-)

Here are the Zulily findings to date -


Um, excuse me, girls play soccer too! :-)

Getting her gangsta on!
And let's not forget shoes! (Yes, I realize they are pointless until they start walking, but they make for great pictures! Plus we bought the boots in a larger size.)

We also made the mistake of walking into a high-end baby store here in Stavanger (although really they are all high-end when I think about it...). The 50% off sales signs got to us and the price conversion made these purchases only slightly ridiculous, but Jason couldn't help but buy them after seeing the expression of joy on my face when I saw them. I have such a great husband!

Then my mom showed me her findings at a great Dillard's sale in OKC. I think she is trying to fulfill Baby Girl's closet all by herself! (Can we say excited Grandma-to-be?! :-) ) We warned her that for every toy or clothing item that's purchased, she has to donate $5 to her college fund. I think we have quite the down payment already!! Hehe.

And my personal favorite!!

And don't forget to join Zulily and start shopping today, even if you aren't ready for your own little one! (I've also added the logo to the sidebar of the blog so that you can come back and join at anytime.)

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