Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jason's Race Prep

Jason has been super helpful in getting ready to move (read here). This weekend he took a "break" from the house stuff and worked out in the garage on his car. He's signed up for an event in October where you get to take your car on the race track and have a professional driver ride with you giving you tips.

There are some necessary (so I'm told... hehe) modifications that he needed to make in order to get the car ready- new shocks, new springs, and new brakes.

He ambitiously began working Saturday morning and worked up until our double date that night. On Sunday, following church, he was back out there working hard. Unfortunately he had to work Monday night after our dinner with friends and then again last night to finish up the back brakes.

At this point, I could attempt to explain all of the work Jason did on the car. But we both know I'd be parroting what Jason told me to say. Instead we have a celebrity guest post! :-)

Jason here - I'm really looking forward to taking my car out on the track and seeing what it can do, as well as getting some professional driver instruction. Even though we will be leaving for Norway soon I didn't want to miss the opportunity to do this. To be able to take my car out on the track I wanted to make a few upgrades. The suspension will make it handle better in the corners and the brakes will help the car last 30 minutes of driving for each session and still be able to stop, definitely a good thing. I replaced the shocks on both front and rear and also installed stiffer coil springs. The new springs will lower the car about 1 inch helping it to handle and look better. I upgraded the brakes to slotted rotors and installed new pads. I also decided to paint the calipers red. The caliper paint was the reason I didn't finish Sunday night, I had to let it dry before reassembling the brakes.

Front Suspension Before and After

 Rear Suspension Before and After

Here is a picture comparing the height of the car before and after. There's not much of a difference right now, but the springs should settle a little bit over time for a little more drop.

I'm also excited to use my new Gopro for this race, I'll be taking some video from in and on the car and will do some editing and post a video once it's done.

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