Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting Ready to Move!

Most of our evenings and weekends have been consumed with getting ready for Norway. You wouldn't think that we would need to do much since we're still three months out, but looking at the calendar and everything that we have to squeeze in (including studying for an 8-hour professional certification exam) November is going to be here before we know it!

What exactly have we been doing to prepare? Organizing. One of my favorite things! Except it's a little more complicated when you are trying to decide what to sell/get rid of, put in storage, take with you, and leave with your parents.

Basically anything we don't take gets put in storage. We have a limited amount of storage and once it's in there, then we don't have access to it until we return (Jason's job is a three year assignment). So as I'm going through all of our house I have to ask:
-Do we need this in Norway?
-Do we have space for this in Norway?
-Do we like this enough (and think we will like it in three years) to store it?
-Do we think we would need it in three years, but not in Norway?

Complicated right? So far it's been pretty easy and once we know whether we have furnished/unfurnished and exactly how much space in our Norway apartment that will help.

And knowing we have to get rid of a lot of stuff helps too. I probably don't need greeting cards going back to the early 90's, my original application to Mines, or four years of magazines...but at least I'm an organized pack rat!

Then there's the stuff we are selling. I've already emailed friends and family with pictures of furniture, decorating items, and other odds/ends. Next we'll post them on Craig's List and try to get everything gone before we'd put the house on the market.

Here's the items for sale-if you live in the Houston area and are interested in anything you see let me know!

For Sale 2

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