Monday, August 13, 2012


HRW stands for Houston Restaurant Week. But it's actually a month- all of August celebrates this yearly charity. (Houston works hard to earn its place as one of the fattest cities in the US!)

Over 140 restaurants out out special 2-course (lunch) and 3-course (dinner) menus for $20 or $35 a person, respectively. A portion of that money is donated to the Houston Food Bank.

We've discovered that this is a great way to try a more expensive restaurant you might not normally try otherwise. And since our anniversary is in August it's perfectly acceptable to celebrate it weekly, right? ;-)

Well this weekend we visited our first restaurant this August. Jason and I being the good engineers we are looked through all the menus online (posted on their website here) and ranked a Tier I and Tier II list of restaurants. We sent our list to our friend Greg and Leah to compare with their list. Fail. In over ten restaurants we had no duplicates! We settled in Mo's- A Place for Steaks and made reservations for Saturday.

The food was good, but not the best steak or seafood. Dessert however was a different story (and we all know I truly judge based on dessert!) the CinnaMon Roll was one of the most amazing desserts I've ever had! And of course the company was wonderful making for a fantastic double date. :-)

Now where to try next for our anniversary this week...?

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