Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bluebonnets and Birthdays

This week and weekend was crazy busy (anyone else noticing a theme... I think we are too busy!)

We had something every night this week from Family Dinner to Bible study to sewing class to Brittney's ladies night to The Hunger Games premiere. And we didn't rest much this weekend!

Saturday was the Chappell Hills training ride. Please note the word "hills" in the name. It did not disappoint! Our organizer said this was our most challenging ride and he was right!

Jason, Doug, and I braved the 44 mile route and made a few extra rest spots to take pictures of the gorgeous blooming Texas bluebonnets. There were fields of the blue flower complimented with a mix of orange and yellow flowers as well. It's one of the prettiest things in Houston. Oh wait, we still weren't in Houston... ;-)

The weather was absolutely divine and I love riding out in the hill country away from the city. It's the best reminder of just how perfect God's creation is and I feel closer to Him in those moments.

After the ride we hurried down to League City to celebrate Miss Sydney's 2nd birthday with friends and family. I can't believe our niece is two already!! She gets more and more adorable (if that's even possible!) every time we see her!

Let's ignore my face in this one...

Here's her gift from Mom and Dad - a fun sand and water play center.

And here she is with our (boring) gift - clothes (which I got a great shot of her tossing behind her, hehe) and a stuffed bunny that's wearing a shirt that says "Somebunny loves Sydney"

Sunday we were signed up to ride in the Bluebonnet Express to prepare us for riding two days in a row, which we will be doing in the MS 150. Jason wanted to take it easy and rode 35 miles while I met up with my old riding group which did 55 miles.

The weather was perfect again but it should have been called the faux Bluebonnet Express. We didn't see near as many as we saw yesterday. (Although perhaps I can get pictures of them in non-biking gear at some point...)

Now we are finally relaxing and I'm getting excited to see my mama tomorrow night when she's in town for work!

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