Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Too Obsessed with TV Lately...

So Jason and I didn't use to watch a lot of TV...for whatever reason though, this semester we seem to be addicted to a few too many shows. (See how I speak in semesters now?? Only a few more weeks until Jason graduates!!!)

Lately, we find ourselves sitting on the sofa eating dinner or staying up late during the week or spending our Friday nights catching up on shows (yeah, we are really cool - we like to use the excuse that we are getting up early to ride). The advantages of having Hulu don't help either since we can watch on the iPad.

However, I will say that it seems like there are more good shows to watch than there were before. I mean we still have our classic favorites -

And almost anything on
 Storage Wars anyone??

This year a few additional ones have made out list...

 And after a couple season hiatus, I started this one again

But I am seriously considering implementing a no TV-one-day-a-week rule in our household. We are getting ridiculous!

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