Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brittney's Alaska Survival Kit

My friend Brittney is moving to Alaska. When she told me it was a strong possibility she would be moving, I told her I was 95% happy for her and 5% mad at her for missing part of sewing class. ;-)

In all honestly I am very happy for her. It's a great opportunity for her husband Duncan and Alaska will be a great fit for them lifestyle-wise. I am sad though because she and I have started to become very close over the past few months since working together. Now I have an excuse to go visit her in Alaska though!

Tonight Brittney had a ladies fondue party at her house. She only has a couple weeks left before she'll be moving so it was a last chance to get most of her friends together. We decided we should do something fun for Brittney and  I proposed to the rest of her girlfriends that we make an Alaska Survival Kit.

We put together quite the list of items for her "survival kit" -

And we purchased a basket to arrange all of her goodies in -

Additionally, our group at work has a T-Rex (named Rexie) as our mascot. We even have these sweet matching shirts from Urban Outfitters -

(In case you can't read it, the shirt says "T-Rex Hates Pushups")
So when I was out shopping for Brittney, I had the idea to print a group picture in a frame and see if I could find a wooden T-Rex at Michaels to glue on. Score! I found this awesome frame below and the wooden T-Rex already painted and ready to be glued on the frame. (You better put it on your desk at work Brittney!)

Here's the awesome picture that got put in the frame. It's our group participating last week in Cretaceous Cowboy Week all wearing our sweet shirts. Yep, we're a really nerdy bunch here in the Reservoir Characterization team. But we have fun!!!

Brittney was completely surprised by our gift. It made her cry. I call that a success. :-)

I'm going to miss you Brittney!!

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