Thursday, April 1, 2021

March Happenings

This month we started having more restrictions on gatherings and reduced days for school again 😢 However, before some of those got implemented we thankfully had a chance to get out and explore a new area of Qatar as well as celebrate Jason's birthday

We also had a lot of fun around Qatar and with friends this month! 

1 - 3: The girls celebrated World Book Day at school by dressing up as Zadie the Sewing Fairy, Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten, and Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots. (Bonus that everything to make the outfits came from their closest!)

4 - 7: We discovered a new beach that we can access close to our house. I took a trip out there on my SUP with a friend one weekday and that weekend we headed there as a family to enjoy the water and the lack of crowd. 

8: Ladies tea with some of the lovely women from our LifeGroup

9: Madi's Solar System Project - Grade 2 has spent the Unit of Inquiry at school looking at the solar system and all the different planets, stars, etc. They were assigned to make a model of the solar system however they wanted and she chose to do a diorama. She worked independently on it (except for the sharp tool to punch the holes in the top) and we are super proud of her! The kids also had to record themselves making a presentation of their solar system which you can watch Madi's here

1 - 2: These two decided to spend a week matching - from their besties shirts to their sister make the best friends. I love watching their relationship grow and development!

3: A fun ladies night out to celebrate birthdays~

4: Enjoying the drive-in cinema with friends. 

5: The girls had a gymnastics competition before after school activities were cancelled. Hopefully we get to see some video soon (parents couldn't watch), but the girls were all super proud of how they did. 

6: Ballet, cowboy boots, ice cream. 😍

7: Zoey attending classes again. Madi dropped back to two days a week when schools went from 50% capacity to 30% capacity. (Later they moved to fully online again!)

8: Stocking up before Ramadan starts. (Ramadan is a month of fasting in Islam. During that time you are not allowed to eat or drink anything in public. They also prohibit the sale of alcohol during the time hence the visit to the one store that sells it to stock up, haha)

9: Tequila shots before lockdown. 🥃

The girls go on Spring Break next week as well as celebrating Easter and we are thankful to have some time off!

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