Thursday, April 15, 2021

Unexpected Occupants 🦊

Remember that sinkhole / cave we found awhile back that was super narrow, dark, and had bats at the end? We love it. So a couple weeks ago when we wanted to go back we were greeted with some unexpected occupants who have moved into the sinkhole... foxes!

Two of the foxes were quite "friendly" coming close to us leading us to believe that neighboring farms have been feeding them scraps of meat. We watched the 2-3 who were out playing for awhile and also saw one fox pop out that looked a bit ill. 

We waited until sunset to see if any bats would fly out and while we wait we saw at least eight foxes scamper out and go off hunting out in the area. Such a surprise when we had only seen a couple and didn't realize there were so many!

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