Sunday, April 25, 2021

Exploring Around Aamriya

Our list of places to explore around Qatar is getting shorter, but thankfully we have one friends we've exchanged hidden gems with around the country. One of those gems was a ridge over in Al Aamriya area, the middle of the country. It required 4x4 and was a bit tricky to navigate to, but worth the adventure!

The girls had a blast collecting stones (the topography is very different here than anywhere else we've been in the country - why so many river rocks on the ridge?!)

They also loved jumping off the edges into the sand below and climbing the different ridges. We woke up early to explore since it's getting hotter during the day. 

Afterwards we drove around to explore some other parts in the same area and caught a sighting of some foxes and this Qatari lizard called the dhubs. He was huge! Probably 20-22 inches in length and bright yellow (their color changes with the surrounding temperature between gray and yellow). 

We also found a sand dune we will go explore again when it's not as hot (the sand was burning by this time 🥵). We've also heard this is a great are to view the Milky Way so we will definitely be making the trek out here again for that!

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