Thursday, March 18, 2021

Jason's Birthday! 🎉

 This month we celebrated the amazing guy in our lives - he's such a great husband, father, and leader of our household. The girls woke him up with a birthday song and donuts before heading off to school. 

We took advantage of the day together (unknowingly our last) by heading to a surprise birthday lunch for Jason at a new brisket restaurant in the Pearl. It was a great lunch!

That evening we headed over to spend the evening outside exploring some fun light statues a friend recommended. The animals were so fun and the girls enjoyed scootering from one jungle creature to the next!

The following day we headed out to the desert with friends to celebrate. Our first stop naturally was the quads where the guys went off on the big ones while we took the kids to their course. 

Afterwards we headed to the beach for a bbq and cool down in the water! We played frisbee and spent the afternoon enjoying cake our sweet friends' boys made especially for Jason. 

Happy birthday Jason! We love you!!

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