Friday, December 31, 2021

December Diaries

 We finished up the first half of December with celebrating the end of t-ball, helping plan our Women's Ministry Christmas event, and taking advantage of the activities around Doha!

A lovely and uplifting evening with our church Women's Ministry!

  1. Sweet sisters in their fav swimsuits
  2. Lazy Zoey
  3. Enjoying a playdate at Katara playground
  4. Monster Trucks in Doha! 
  5. Family photo at Monster Trucks
  6. The girls loved seeing the big vehicles get smashed
  7. We had friends join us for the event
  8. International Food Festival fun
  9. Umbrella tunnel near the Corniche metro station

We also celebrated National Day by dressing up and enjoying the Dhow Festival that was happening along Katara before heading out for our holiday to Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey (stay tuned for the update on that trip!)

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