Thursday, March 12, 2020

Cooking Classes at Eataly!

We had heard that Eataly hosted cooking classes, but attending their pizza making on National Day last December was our first time trying one. Needless to say, we were hooked! The class was free, incredibly well-organized, and lots of fun for our girls.

We joined the {free} Doha Festival City Kids Club that gives discounts for stores and access to special events hosted at the mall. When we received an email saying Eataly would be hosting two weeks of free classes we jumped on the registration list.

The first week of classes was pasta making. The organizer recognized the girls, welcomed them back, and again the class was organized and run very smoothly. They loved making their own noodles and the twins discovered they love "white sauce" [alfredo sauce] with pasta!

The following week was a cookie making class where they whipped up a batch of chocolate cookies that we shared with our neighbors and friends.

Thank you so much to everyone at the DFC Eataly for the fantastic memories and delicious food!

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