Thursday, December 19, 2019

Qatar National Day

Qatar celebrates its National Day on December 18th and they do it big. Across the city at the beginning of December we start seeing Qatar flags and lights and decor pop up all around the city. They have a huge parade (which we have not braved attending...yet) along the Corniche that closes the entire road along downtown. All of the schools celebrate, including ours, which brought in a camel, falcon, and activities like henna for the kids. It does not disappoint!

There are also special events across the city and one of those we jumped on the sign-up when it came out - a free cooking class at Eataly. It was our first experience with their classes and it did not disappoint! The setup they had was adorable with chef hats and aprons. They taught the kids how to roll their pizza dough and make a pizza then baked them, delivered them to the table with fresh squeezed orange juice, and finished them off with ice cream. These girls had a blast and we would definitely look at going to another class at Eataly because of how well-run organized the event ran.


Each year they also setup a fair (festival?) called Darb al Saai for National Day. The event and all its activities are free (including water bottles all over!). We spent an afternoon there and barely skimmed the surface of what they had to offer! We will definitely be coming back next year as it's setup for a couple weeks around the holiday.

Happy National Day Qatar!

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