Tuesday, March 3, 2020

February Wrap-up

Along with having some fun things to do in Doha, taking a trip for winter break to Austria, and celebrating Valentine's Day this month, we also kept busy spending time with friends and family.

We kicked off the month by celebrating my friend Michelle with a fun Desserts in the Desert at the nearby Singing Sand Dunes. The kids went "sledding" down on cardboard {please note, it does not work}, making a fire, and running around with glow sticks.

We also got outside as much as we could enjoying the weather and a chance to scooter and bike ride around the Lusail Marina and Crescent Park. There were also a couple coffee dates and night's out. And awkward cats. Always that. Zoey was disheartened when she began seeing suitcases and tried to sabotage packing by laying on them.

I also got to celebrate a sweet mom and her soon-to-be daughter with a fun shower and then a formal evening out with my mom's group. Both such lovely events and great reminders of the wonderful community around us.

The other exciting thing that happened this month was my mom visiting! We always love having Grandma around - and so do Zoey and CeCe apparently, haha. Olivia was super proud of her kitty cat and wanted a picture, I got another night out with some friends, more awkward cats, and then we got to celebrate America at our school's International Food Festival and try lots of delicious foods from around the world.

The peacocks have been particularly flamboyant this month (hellooo spring) and we've gotten some good shows! Madi also lost her third tooth, but first top tooth and she looks adorable. She also had a blast at a classmate's birthday party and we snapped this picture afterwards of us unintentionally matching. ❤️

We got to do quite a few activities around Doha while my mom was visiting, including her being the Mystery Reader during book week at school! The twins were thrilled and it was a lovely thing to do the day before she left to fly back to America today. 😢

Saying goodbye is always the worst, but we are so thankful she comes to visit us and spend quality time with the girls so often and can't wait until we are able to see her again!

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